Big Hunger Challenges, Bold Generous Response!

The World Hunger Team of the New England Synod brings a $100,000 matching grant to congregations donating funds to ELCA World Hunger through the Synod from Lent to Pentecost, Feb 22 to May 28.  We have the capacity to raise $200,000!

Why now?

Currently, global hunger is at unprecedented levels, the largest in modern history. The war in Ukraine resulting in a lack of wheat for the world, the most severe drought in Africa in 40 years, the economic consequences of COVID-19, climate change and high inflation all are creating challenges facing hungry people now.  As people of faith, we in the New England Synod can help!

We are inviting our New England Synod congregations to match a generous challenge gift of $100,000.  This is a potential $200,000 that can be raised to help combat hunger in the world & our country through our effective ELCA World Hunger program.  ELCA World Hunger works through congregations, global companion churches and partners in over 60 countries such as Lutheran World Federation, Lutheran World Relief and Church World Service.  ELCA World Hunger provides not only immediate relief but also sustainable development projects to address hunger at the root causes.    

When? This emphasis is through the Lent and Easter Seasons, February 22 through May 28.

Where to send financial offerings?  Individuals are encouraged to donate through their congregations.  Congregational treasurers should send in their collected contributions for this World Hunger drive to:  New England Synod, PO Box 901, Worcester, MA 01613-0901.  Donations may also be made online at  Please indicate World Hunger Challenge in the memo line on the check, or instructions area if giving online.

Hunger in Horn of Africa Lent 2023

                    An Example of How ELCA WORLD HUNGER is Helping

Through Lutheran World Federation, ELCA World Hunger is working  alongside the local government in the Kakuma region of Kenya to build the capacities of families to respond to and withstand worsening drought in the region. This involves training in climate-smart farming practices, building and repairing water wells, managing  the water supply, promoting hygiene and more.

 To Help Your Congregation Know More about ELCA World Hunger & This Match:

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World Hunger Sunday - April 30, 2023
Worship Ideas for World Hunger Sunday

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Contact Co-Chairpersons of the World Hunger Team, Pastor David & Doreen Rinas at
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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Thank you for your caring, your prayers and your gifts!                The World Hunger Team, New England Synod