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Are you ready to move forward?

Forward Leadership Community is an initiative for congregations who seek to strengthen their sense of mission, are willing to experiment, innovate, and explore how to be church in the 21st century. Forward is a year-long collaborative learning model developed to equip teams of clergy and lay leaders with the skill and strategies to create short and long term goals based on their unique context and to implement the changes needed to attain those goals. This is called a "community" rather than a program because all our learning is done in an atmosphere of mutual support and collaboration.

We're not moving forward alone, we're moving forward together! 


Application & CAT


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Schedule of retreats and typical seminar schedule


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Taking the Next Steps Through Coaching


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Answers to some commonly asked questions


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Resources and Links

Resources related to the work we do together in Forward Leadership  

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Moving Forward

Video resources for individuals, small groups and congregations


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